Jimmy Dimora Lost 9 Pounds


What happens to a fat cat, big-time (alleged) bribe-taker once the Feds shutter the doors on his operation? Well, fewer comped steak dinners and free tubs of ice cream, for starters. One might even start clipping coupons, portioning out meals, and — gasp! — eating at home.

Jimmy Dimora is appearing in Akron federal court today to be arraigned on his bright and shiny new racketeering charges. NewsNet5 reports Dimora arrived around 2 p.m. and said little to the media under direction from his lawyer.

He did say one thing though: “We’re not going to try this case in the media,” Dimora said. “Except I do want to tell you, I’ve lost 9 pounds… Watching what I eat.”

Sadly, no scale was around to test his assertion.