Peyton Hillis in Final Four for Madden Cover


Browns fans are great at a few things: showing up in blistering cold, supporting awful teams, drinking, tailgating, and, apparently, stuffing the ballot box.

ESPN and EA Sports teamed up to run a contest for the next cover athlete on Madden 12. The public has been voting in a tournament-style bracket on SportsNation for weeks now, and lookie there... Peyton Hillis, proud and thunderous running back for your Cleveland Browns, has made it all the way to the final four. He's facing some stiff competition in Aaron Rodgers, with the winner of Michael Vick and Adrian Peterson awaiting in the next round.

What does this mean? A few things. First, that you need to go to this link right now and vote for Hillis. Then, you need to tell literally everyone you know to do the same thing. And tomorrow, you repeat the process. Second, we have a sneaking suspicion that should Hillis reign supreme, EA will find a way to have one of the three remaining superstars win instead, but we're cynical like that.

Vote for Hillis. It's a vote for America.