Video: Brawl Outside MLK High School (Updated)


Update: The brawl occurred on Friday, April 15, according to CMSD. The school is aware that the video is online and is reviewing the footage in an attempt to identify students. "It's a matter of student discipline and the Safety and Security Division is investigating," said CMSD spokesperson Roseann Canfora. (Fox 8)


Searching for something else on YouTube this morning, we came across this video of a pretty well-attended brawl outside MLK High School on Lexington. One girl's getting her head stomped, people are thrown over cars and punched, groups of three or four swing at solitary victims.

The video seems to hint that the "bangout," as the video calls it, happened last week, but we can't find a concrete date. The Fourth District wasn't immediately familiar with the incident and suggested we search police reports to find more specifics. They also didn't seem too interested that video of the fight was on YouTube. Know anything? Send along the info.

Video after the jump.