Local Band in Focus

Humble Home

Meet the Band: Matt Hectorne (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Jeff Sutton (bass, accordion, vocals), Anthony Foti (drums, vocals), and Nick Wise (guitars, vocals)

Hipsters Should Really Dig Them: Lots of different things rush through your head when you listen to Humble Home. On one hand, they sound like one of those cool bands scoring your favorite TV show. On the other, their songs evoke indie-rock heroes like Arcade Fire to Grizzly Bear to Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros.

Buddy Up: Hectorne, Sutton, and Wise started playing together in late 2009. They soon recorded a handful of demos and started hitting Cleveland and Akron clubs. "We were friends before we were bandmates," says Sutton. "The transition to music was natural because we had all been in bands before Humble Home."

From Their Home to Yours: The group put out its debut EP, Prologue to Doubt, in October. They're currently recording new songs for an early summer release.

Why They Say They Matter: Living up to their name, Hectorne modestly offers, "We appreciate the local music scene and are more or less just making our mark by carving a unique niche within it."

Why We Say They Matter: Humble Home are one of the most honest bands in the area. They look and play the part well. There's real charm to the stripped-down vulnerability exuded in their songs.

Where You Can Hear Them: humblehome.bandcamp.com

Where You Can See Them: At Musica in Akron on April 26. — Jara Anton