Woman's Date Steals Her Car, Credit Cards


Fun from the police blotters of Fairview park where we find a young woman who woke up to find her car and credit cards gone. The terminology is the troubling part here. She doesn't know the name of her male companion, and they were at a motel. Blind date? One-night stand? Something else?

Judge for yourself:

GRAND THEFT AUTO, BROOKPARK ROAD: Police responded to a Ramada Inn at 6:30 a.m. on April 21 on a report of a stolen vehicle. A 44-year-old Cleveland woman told police she woke up this morning to find her male companion gone along with her cash, credit cards and car. She was not able to provide the man’s name. Her credit cards were used at several gas stations and drug stores before they were cancelled. Her car has not yet been recovered.