No One is Paying Smoking Ban Fines


It's been four years since the Ohio smoking ban went into effect. At the time, the law seemed like a big fire extinguisher sprayed at the tip of collective Flavor Country with rules, fines, and enforcement mechanisms to ensure that establishments complied.

In reality, flagrant flouting of the rules and Ohio's inability to collect the levied fines make the ban more like a Montessori-school behavioral suggestion and not a law.

The Dayton Daily News reports that after four years of sending fines to violators, more the two-thirds have yet to be paid. With all $1.5 million of funds to enforce the ban having been cut from the state's budget, Ohio now has little to no cash to go after the unpaid fines, money for which they were counting on to pay for enforcement. Follow that? In short: it's a vicious circle that leaves the smoking ban completely toothless.