Cropicana Sees 1,000 on Opening Night; More to Come


When we stumbled onto Whiskey Island around 6 p.m. on Cinco de Mayo, there was a healthy crowd of about 200 or so folks. By the time we finally dragged ourselves out of there sometime after 9 p.m., those numbers no longer applied. There were folks inside, outside, on boats, pretty much everywhere you looked. And to a man, each and every one of them seemed to be giddy with excitement.

"Can you believe this crowd?" Steve Schimoler said during an impromptu tour of his new summer home. "Holy crap!"

While Schimoler was noticeably thrilled, his wife and partner Jackie was doing everything she could to keep things in place. The massive and unexpected crowd pretty much threw everything into chaos mode, with the tiny indoor kitchen struggling to keep up with demand.