Cleveland Marathon Medals Misprinted With Wrong Year


This isn't a huge deal, but the medals given out to runners who completed the soggy, cold Cleveland Marathon on Sunday have the incorrect year on the lanyard: 2010.

The medal itself says 2011, so the organizers got that part right. But over 19,000 lanyards are attached to those medals with the wrong year?

As to how it happened, don't worry, organizers didn't just reuse leftover 2010 models out of thriftiness.

A nice young lady who answered the phone at the Cleveland Marathon offices said, "We knew about it, we noticed the mistake when we were unwrapping the medals [last week when they arrived], but it was too late to make a correction. It was an oversight from the company we order the medals from and the staff."

Surely this one small embarrassment won't take away from the phenomenally successful event, but it does serve as a reminder of a timeless rule: lanyards ruin everything. Just ask our college roommate who still uses a "Hooters" lanyard as a keychain.

(Pic via @krittabug)