Get Off Ohio's Lawn, You Darned Kids


The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board, the office that runs the Ohio Statehouse, is like the old man down the street who peers at unruly youth through his blinds and emerges only to confiscate balls and holler at them to get the hell off his lawn.

While the Statehouse may be for the people, the lawn, it seems is another story.

Via the Dayton Daily News:

On Tuesday, environmental groups planned a “camp-in” on the west lawn of the Statehouse to protest plans to allow drilling for oil and natural gas and harvesting of timber on state lands. But they were told because of the rain and potential damage to the lawn they’d have to the event - without tents, corn hole and other props - in the Statehouse basement, said Tracy Sabetta, spokeswoman for the National Wildlife Federation.

Two years ago, kickball teams had to cut back on the size and scope of their weeknight league in order to get permission to keep playing on the Statehouse lawn.

Wait, a protest without corn hole? How dare they.