The Past and Present of Zubaz


You or someone you love definitely owned a pair of Cleveland Browns Zubaz pants back in the day. And as you can tell by the picture, there are in fact still folks who rock the Zub' in the Muni Lot to this day.

The eye-catching, zebra-striped getups had a minor heyday back in the 80s before the company went out of business. Zubaz has returned recently, albeit in a slightly different formulation, and Mental Floss takes a look back at the history of the inimitable, fantastic accessory.

A small excerpt:

The men started doing a pretty brisk business selling Zubaz out of their gym solely on word-of-mouth hype. When it came to promotion, Truax and Stock had a pair of aces up their gaudily printed sleeves: wildly popular professional wrestling tag team the Road Warriors were partners in the designers’ gym. Road Warrior Hawk and Road Warrior Animal looked right at home in Zubaz; the flashy pants meshed well with their trademark face paint and spiked shoulder pads. Then, Zubaz caught another break: after a J.C. Penney manager saw a fan sporting a pair of Zubaz at a hockey game, the department store chain began distributing the brand nationwide.

(Pic via Cleveland Frowns)