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Readers sound off on guns in bars and more

How to Influence Idiots

C. Ellen Connally said what she needed to say to get elected ["Botched Snap," May 11, 2011]. Her opponents were wholly incompetent, as her public record was a clear indicator of how she would act once elected — and that record was there for use against her.

It is indeed mind-boggling how she could sway other elected councilpersons into allowing her to lead. She's oblivious, which makes those who agreed to back her bid for president oblivious too.

Hopefully, a competent candidate will run against her in the next election; otherwise, it's the continuation of the Dennis Kucinich syndrome: It doesn't matter how incompetent you are as long as you show up and have a (D) next to your name.


Chipping in for the Rent

The artists in this town make the rest of us look like slouches ["What Your Butts Buy," May 4, 2011]. They work hard, with no one but the muse at their backs. The productions rock. We should pay artists more and pay more for tickets.

Sally Mae

The Next Chosen One

The fact that this kid told "The Decision Queen" to go pound salt will make him a fan favorite and a phenom for life in Cleveland ["Kyrie Irving Shot Down LeBron James," at the Scene & Heard blog]. We are loyal to the bone ... and this kid just showed us how loyal he is. We would be idiots not to sign him with the No. 1 pick; he is the best player coming out of the draft.


Don't Leave the Bar

The danger of concealed carry is not so much in the bar; the danger is usually going back to your car when you leave ["Pass the Whiskey & Ammo," April 27, 2011]. How often have we seen people robbed, beaten, raped, and murdered when returning to their cars? I am sure crime statistics for such places as downtown, the Flats, and the Warehouse District bear this out.

The criminals don't need a gun permit. Someday you may have to thank a concealed-carry permit holder for saving your life. Better yet, get your own permit.

Vox Populi