Disgruntled RTA Rider Breaks Windows at RTA Offices


RTA may have taken home honors as America’s best public transit system a few years ago, but it’s not scoring points with everybody. Exhibit A would be the huge boards serving as patchwork protection on a set of broken windows at RTA’s main offices on West Sixth St.

Spokeswoman Mary McCahon confirms that a “disgruntled rider” showed up last Thursday afternoon and hurled objects through the glass. A witness who works across the street says the suspect had a bag and was carrying “bricks or stones,” which became projectiles in the display of dissatisfaction.

The assailant was arrested for vandalism and destruction of property, but Cleveland Police were unable to track down the report as of press time. Says a police clerk: “Our computers aren’t that good.”

An onlooker on West Sixth joined cops in not being able to ID the suspect. But, the man added, “they are a butt hole.”