Geauga Man Explains Why UFOs Visited Ohio in the 1950s, Local News Reporter Tells You What to Do if You See a UFO


A new observatory is opening in Geauga County and there's no better place than a public meeting about looking into space for UFO believers to come out and share their stories.

In this case, it was Glenn Frohring, who witnessed a UFO hovering over the area... in the 1950s.

"It just hovered there and all of a sudden it was like it was on a giant rubber band and went woof just like that," he told NewsNet5, right before explaining that there were more UFO sightings back then because the U.S. and Russia were setting off atom bombs left and right, and he thinks someone from up above decided to come visit earth to make sure humans didn't kill themselves off.

That garnered a, "You're kidding, right?" from the reporter. To which Frohring said, no, of course, he was serious.

But this wouldn't be local news unless they brought the story home to you, the viewer, which is what the reporter did next.