Lakewood Residents Don't Want Detroit Theatre to be a McDonald's (Updated)


Update II: Another step was taken yesterday in the march to build a new McDonald's on the site of the vacant Detroit Theater, bringing happy meals and increased traffic for all.

Micky D's got conditional approval for the site's building and signage from the Lakewood Architectural Board of Review (you can see the designs here, via Lakewood Patch) after retooling the building and traffic flow to alleviate concerns. Except the traffic concerns aren't really alleviated.

Yesterday's meeting was packed, and plenty of folks in attendance worried that Woodward, where McDonald's will have an exit and where the city is planning on removing a stop light, will become congested with cut-through seekers and hordes of Egg McMuffin cravers.

McDonald's Rep Michael Lewis thinks the company has listened carefully to Lakewood citizens, and that they will totally love it once the Golden Arches go up. The Sun News reports:

“We feel we have created something that they (community members) will embrace,” said Representative Michael Lewis in his opening remarks. “We have been here for 47 years and we feel this development is something we’ll be proud of for the next 47 years.”

An October meeting is scheduled with the Planning Commission where traffic issues will again be addressed, undoubtedly populated by plenty of residents who think Michael Lewis is full of shit.