Man Declares Love for Lolita Hostess and/or Lolita


One obviously sated soul took to Craigslist's Missed Connection section to proclaim his love for a hostess at Michael Symon's Lolita, but also Lolita itself. By the end, he may or may not be saying he wants to make love to the food.

So, anonymous hostess, if you read this and have ever dreamed of having sex with a stranger on a bed of shoe-string Lolita fries, we think we've found your match.

The hostess at Lolita... - m4w - 27 (Tremont)

You're beautiful, but I'm sure you knew that already. Those sandals, and that cute little dress of yours? Wow.

But, let's be honest, the reason I will love you forever is that you steered me towards a table where I could enjoy the late-night happy hour menu and thereby changed the course of history, or at least my life, permanently. That $5 bacon-egg-and-cheeseburger? Succulent. Those $5 chorizo mussels? Savory. The $5 goat cheese mac? Something else great that starts with "S" but which I am too drunk and/or food coma'd to think of right now. The $2 Sierras and the pot de creme weren't too shabby, either.

So, Ms. Hostess, would I like to get with you? Yes. But really, that vixen Lolita has stolen my heart and it is she whom I wish to bear my children. My delicious, duck fat fried potato children.