Pic of the Day: Josh Cribbs Fights Cleveland Heights Parking Ticket (Updated)

Update: Josh Cribbs lost his tumultuous battle with Cleveland Heights today and must pay the fine plus court costs. Geez, hope he gets a job soon.


As residents of the fine Cleveland Heights area, we don't need to be told that the city has a less than stellar reputation for parking. Anal might be an appropriate word for their parking measures and enforcement, but that's probably not accurate enough to aptly describe the situation.

Ever-popular Browns star Josh Cribbs got intimately acquainted with Cleveland Heights' dramatic and oftentimes draconian enforcement recently, and his experience proves the city's enforcement can sometimes lurch over the line and become... well... wrong.

Witness his ticket infraction (that'll be $15, thank you) and the 8 minutes remaining on his meter. Hmm.