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New to DVD this week

The Adjustment Bureau (Universal)

— In a way, this destiny-tripping movie (based on a story by Blade Runner author Philip K. Dick) wants to blow the part of your mind Inception left untouched. But it also wants to be about a love so intense, nothing can keep the beleaguered couple (played by Matt Damon and Emily Blunt) apart. It doesn't hit either with much conviction. Damon plays a politician whose fate is in the hands of a mysterious hat-wearing agency that monitors and manipulates all aspects of his life. The muddled sci-fi just gets in the way of the story. The best bonus feature takes you through a network of portals to explore onscreen and behind-the-scenes locations.

Cedar Rapids (Twentieth Century Fox)

Ed Helms, from The Hangover and The Office, plays a small-town insurance salesman who travels to the big city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for a convention in this amiable comedy. There, he gets drunk for the first time, sleeps with a married woman, smokes crack, and pals around with trouble-making blowhard John C. Reilly.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (Twentieth Century Fox)

The second movie based on the hit book series for kids is a little more structured than last year's outing. That's not necessarily a good thing, since the best thing about the books is their anything-goes spirit. The "My Summer Vacation" extras are kinda funny, though. Still, best to stick to the books.

Unknown (Warner)

Liam Neeson wakes up from a coma and finds out that some dude has taken over his identity. Making matters worse, his own wife doesn't even recognize him. What the fuck is going on? We're not telling, since getting to the bottom of this twisted thriller is half the fun. The other half is watching Neeson kick ass.