A Cavs Fan's Diary of the NBA Draft in New Jersey


Former Scene intern Jordan Zirm trekked to New Jersey to witness the NBA Draft. Here's what he saw.

While many of you sports fans settled into the comfort of your arm chairs and stared at Jeff Van Gundy's bald head for over four hours, I decided to make the trek to Newark, New Jersey as Scene's one and only draft correspondent. I could bore you with talk of how every state has gardens in it so why New Jersey get the sole responsibility of being called the Garden State angers me, but I won't. Let's get to my draft observations.

-Attending the draft live is a lot like being a part of a studio audience for a television show, except that it's a little less exciting than watching Eric make out with Donna live on That 70s Show. The ESPN analysts literally do not move for the duration of the draft. They don't even stand up to stretch. It's no wonder Van Gundy's eyes look like they have sunk into the back of his skull, all he can do is stare straight ahead for hours on end. It was difficult to hear the player interviews when they came off stage, so I liked to imagine that Jan Vesely told ESPN's Mark Jones how much sex he was going to have later with his 7 foot girlfriend and that Brandon Knight admitted that he indeed was a Volcan child.