Ohio Woman Sues Kobe Bryant for Not Proposing to Her

Bitches be crazy
  • "Bitches be crazy"

Today in batshit crazy lawsuits...

OC Weekly reports on a young lady named Selina Miller who lives in both Columbus and California (apparently), and has filed a lawsuit against Denver's favorite visitor Kobe Bryant. Miller it seems wants cash from the NBA star because he didn't propose to her. Yes, that's correct.

According to the reports on the lawsuit, Miller claims to have had many sexual liaisons with Kobe and says "someone" (no, she doesn't specify, though it's easy to guess who she means) has an STD. Also that Bryant promised to put a ring on it, but didn't. Bryant, of course, is married to a lovely young lady who he bought a $999 billion dollar ring for after his Denver escapades.

If you think that the suit has no merit, is frivolous, and beyond that is, once again, batshit crazy, you'll be happy to know an Ohio judge agrees with you. Miller previously tried to file the claim in Ohio, but the judge tossed the suit as "not plausible." So she went west to California in her search for dollars.