Local Band in Focus

A-Train & the Steamers

Meet the Band: Jeremy Cottrell (vocals, upright bass, banjo), Aaron "A-Train" Cottrell (guitars, vocals), and "Detroit" Denny Van Arnhem

(guitars, vocals)

All Aboard: The Parma-based Cottrell brothers always knew they'd start a band. After all, they already had Aaron's childhood nickname ready to go. All they needed was a lead guitar player. Enter Van Arnhem.

Around the Bend: A-Train and the Steamers play a twangy mix of old-school rockabilly and traditional bluegrass, with honey-dripped harmonies.

Destination: Your Place: The band's debut album ...Trainwrecked! features eight songs, including family favorites like "Dive Bar Baby" and "Bastard."

On the Road: During a show in Detroit, the band introduced a song as "In the Ghetto," adding that it was about the Motor City. They were quickly greeted with a hostile audience chanting "Cleveland sucks!" They managed to finish their set and barely "salvage what was left of our door money," says Jeremy.

Fun Fact: Jeremy says his brother got his nickname due to the overwhelming force and speed with which he "shot out of our mom's vagina."

Why They Matter: It's hard to mess up rockabilly, especially when you chase it with some tall cold ones.

Where You Can Hear Them:


Where You Can See Them:

At Yorktown Lanes' Hot Rod Roll N' Bowl (in Parma Heights) on Saturday, July 23. — Jara Anton