Ohio Unemployment Numbers Rise For First Time in 2 Years


In case you needed any more evidence that shit is getting real the country's leaders need to set aside their differences and come to a solution on the debt ceiling, the monthly unemployment numbers came out today, and it's bad news all around. The national average rose in June from 9.1 to 9.2 percent — sure, not much movement. But for Ohio, the news is even worst. The rate jumped to 8.8 from 8.6 percent. Again, not much of a liftoff, but this is the first time Ohio's unemployment numbers have gone up in the last 22 months, according to the Plain Dealer. The people who know about these things chalk up the increase to job loss in manufacturing and government. The silver lining here is that this June's stat is still lower than a year ago, when Ohio came in with 10.1 percent.