MetroHealth Hires Consultant While Searching for Former CFO's Replacement


When former MetroHealth CFO Sharon Kelley left her full-time position with the hospital, Metro had to abide by her contract, which called for it to pay her $440,000 salary plus benefits for at least six more months, plus an additional six months if she didn't find a new job.

In the meantime, Metro was in need of a CFO. According to the PD, Chief Executive Mark Moran said he would not even begin a search for a full-time replacement for six months, and estimates put the timetable of that search, once begun, to take six months to a year. So Metro this week hired Jeff Rooney, a consultant, to work the position until that process is complete.

Rooney will earn up to $40,000 a month (up to $576,000 a year including expenses, including airfare, lodging, etc.).

Cuyahoga County's taxpayer subsidy of the hospital was $36 million this year, and The Plain Dealer and the new Ed FitzGerald team have targeted Metro's management and payroll decisions heavily this year, especially the process of awarding contracts. In recent days, Metro has also taken heat for hiring a $240,000/year consultant to fill the vacant controller job until a full-time replacement is found.

According to the PD: "Year-to-date the health system's total revenues are $384.7 million and that's $11.6 million below budget."