Investigating Linndale's Population


Linndale — you know Linndale, that three-foot span of I-71 noted as one of the most notorious speed traps in Ohio — fights a constant battle to exist. It seems every few years some politician takes up the public's fight and tries to negotiate some bill that would restrict cities' right to have a mayor court based on population size.

Linndale has survived each and every one of these so far. Most recently, 101 was established as the number of residents required for a mayor court, and thus the million or so dollars that come along with the ability to ticket and rake in fines. Linndale was safely above that number, barely, based on the 2000 Census which showed 117 people living there, though pegged as a small hamlet faced with a dwindling population.

Then the 2010 U.S. Census data came out and, lo and behold, Linndale suddenly sported 179 citizens, though, it should be noted that even Linndale councilmen and residents think that number is inflated. But a 53% growth in population?