Cleveland Ranked Tops for Tech Job Growth

Since we work on a computer like this, were probably not qualified for these jobs.
  • Since we work on a computer like this, we're probably not qualified for these jobs.

On the heels of the usual parade of bad and badder news around town, there's been glimpses of hope. Just a few days ago Cleveland got love for the city's embrace of green jobs, which puts Cle 18th nationally in that category.

A further pat on the back today, and a sign that maybe, hopefully, possibly Cleveland can emerge from the post-industrial blight and attract young, bright people back to the city center, is news that Cleveland ranks first nationally for growth in tech jobs. Unbelievable but true, according to Business Week.

The skinny:

Growth: 107 percent
Companies hiring: IBM, Deloitte & Touche
Skills needed: Systems integration, software engineering, project management

Hiring is strong in this region with 68 percent of companies expecting to add staff in the coming year, according to a recently completed survey by the Northeast Ohio Software Assn.

Whoa, what? Hiring? New jobs? Good-paying jobs?