Rick Vaughn Injures Arm During Filming for Major League 4


We told you before that Major League 4 was in the pipeline. On one hand, yeah, annoying Hollywood sequel to a sequel with aging stars angling for a paycheck. On the other hand, Major League!

Anyway, Chuckie Sheen is on board to reprise his role as Rick Vaughn, but apparently the right-handed fireballer has already had a hiccup during filming, and no it doesn't involved drugs, girls, or drugs and girls. Sheen, that quintessential emblem of health and happiness, has injured his arm.

Via NBC's Hardball Talk:

Charlie Sheen has ruptured his ulnar nerve while filming. Whether this is a minor disruption of a gratuitous cameo scene or a major wrench in the production due to its fallen feature star will likely tell you everything you need to know about the movie.

Color us shocked. (But anxious to see it!) But shocked. And anxious. And apparently conflicted.