Akron Adds Fence to 'Suicide Bridge' to Prevent Jumpers


Akron will finally be adding fencing to the All-America Bridge, which is also known as the the Y-Bridge, but which is more commonly referred to as Suicide Bridge. Dozens have leaped to their deaths from the span since it was built in 1981.

The between $1 and $1.5 million dollars for the fencing, which Akron hopes will deter folks from jumping, comes from the Rubber City's $21 million share of the stimulus fund pie, dollars allocated to four projects in the city. Various other repairs and improvements will grace the bridge in addition to the fencing. Work is currently underway.

You'd do well to revisit our 2005 cover story on Suicide Bridge, which tells the story of the neighborhood below where the people fall and the families and businesses that go about their daily lives beneath the structure only to often hear a thud and then discover a body. An excerpt: