'Lost' Actor Matthew Fox Accused of Assaulting Woman (Updated)


Update: Heather Bormann, the alleged victim in the drunk Matthew Fox assault incident, visited the prosecutor's office Tuesday morning to press for charges to be brought against the actor, who wasn't arrested at the time of the alleged assault.

Bormann told Fox 8, "Right now it's considered a civil matter and that's why he was ultimately released Sunday morning, so I would have to press charges."

Regardless of the criminal matter at hand, Bormann says she plans on filing a civil suit.


The summer of movie-making in Cleveland has brought the gawkers, the stars, and the dough, but to this point, not the controversial celeb-tinged incident. Until now.

Details are still sketchy and so far it's only a one-sided story, but a woman claims that Lost star Matthew Fox, who is town filming the Tyler Perry movie "I, Alex Cross," assaulted her early Sunday morning on a party bus.

Fox 8 reports that the alleged victim says the drunk Fox tried to board a party bus for a ride back to his hotel. For some reason, the actor's Hollywood cache did little to persuade the strangers to welcome him, maybe because they were all peeved at how Lost ended. Keeping her compact with the riders, the victim says she told Fox that since he was not part of the group, he would not be allowed to board for a free taxi ride.