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Readers sound off on our coverage of Casey Anthony

But Did He Like It?

You clueless a-holes think this is funny ["Chasing Casey!" August 10, 2011]? You thought the dumb hicks of Cleveland would get a kick out of an article about how a murdering scumbag might be in town? You are the lowlife pieces of shit that make our city look bad. As long as this rag is on the street, I will make it my mission to call you misguided journalists out. You have no morals and bring nothing of value to our town.


Dashing Hopes Since 1970

My husband and I were disgusted by the nonstop local and national TV coverage of the Casey Anthony charade. We hoped that Scene would provide answers to beat out the national out-of-control media coverage. Sadly, it didn't happen. The article was misleading and offered no insights on this terrible case.

Tina Langlotz,

Altamonte Springs, FL

Start the Insanity

"Chasing Casey!" was a genius article! No one is making light of a little girl's death; they're mocking the insanity that is Casey Anthony.


The Newbury Vibe

I grew up in Chesterland and lived in Newbury for a while. SPOT ON!! Love it out there, but this story had me laughing out loud and annoying my office-mates for a good six minutes!

Brittany Eldredge

New Dance, Same Record

What makes all the super-hyped-up advocacy for "government reform" so laughably ironic is that, while it's easy and fun to shoot elected fish in a barrel, the real bad guys ... the ones in the nice suits ... just keep on rollin' ["End Around," August 10, 2011]. Diane Downing's appointment to the Port Authority is just the most current example.

Much of the "reorganization" of our civic and economic development institutions has been about an attempt to rewrite the history of the past 20 years, when the political larceny of Mike White was enabled by the same individuals who brought us "reformed" county government, a shiny new casino and medical mart, and a convention center that the electorate overwhelmingly rejected at least twice before these guys decided that buying some politicians would be faster and cheaper.