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Readers sound off on medical marijuana

Feeling Dopey

I am grossly disappointed in the content and quality of writing in your medical marijuana piece ["Buzz Killers," August 24, 2011]. You had a chance to provide clarity on the multitude of issues, while providing a glance at the folks deeply involved in the legislation. Instead, you chose the road of least interest — a soap opera about the opposing teams. How sad for you and your staff.

Jan Morrison

Ganja Fight

This is the truth that is needed in Ohio, and we need more stories like "Buzz Killers" to bring those backroom deals to light! There is so much I would love to say, but what matters most is thank you to author Maude Campbell. The people of Ohio need your wise words.

KC Kush Taynor,

Cannabis Village

An Insult to Architects

Thank you for writing "Kid Stuff," about our county corruption [August 24, 2011]. I am sorry that you chose to identify Frank Russo and the other scheming county officials as "architects."

The title "architect" is regulated by state law. Only those people legally qualified to use the title may do so without penalties. As a registered architect in the states of Ohio and New York, I am dismayed by your casual use of the term. It may sound sophisticated to use "architect" to describe a diabolical swindler, but it discredits a whole class of highly educated, law-abiding professionals.

David Ellison, Architect

Gaiety at City Hall

I'm glad this Gay Games mess is over ["Penis Jokes With Mr. Mayor," August 17, 2011]. Shame on Mayor Jackson, as well as the Sports Commission. If they expect credibility with the LGBT community, they need sensitivity training. We consist of an often-maligned minority group. It's time to move beyond junior high tittering and be mature, 21st-century businesspeople.

Dr. Debra Dunkle