Jimmy Dimora Asks Judge to Move Trial, Cites Harsh Local Media Coverage, Including Ours


Jimmy Dimora, like the rest of the Cuyahoga County Corruption All Stars, is scheduled to have his federal trial in Akron. Last week, Dimora's lawyers asked the judge the consider a change of venue out of concern that intense media coverage of the corruption scandal and Jimmy's alleged philandering, bribing, and tiki-hutting would prejudice jurors coming from Northeast Ohio.

Earlier this week, prosecutors countered. According to the PD:

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ann Rowland acknowledged that media coverage of corruption over the past three years, and the Dimora case in particular, has been prevalent and unflattering, but far from the level required for a change of venue.

News coverage of the corruption probe has not left blatantly prejudicial impressions, Rowland wrote. The majority of printed stories cited by Dimora came from The Plain Dealer and Scene Magazine, but the trial will be held in Akron with jurors selected from Summit County, not Cuyahoga, she wrote.

Us? Little old us? What could we possibly have written that would be unflattering?

The photoshop of a naked Jimmy Dimora in his backyard by a tiki hut?

The one where we imagine that he's spending his free time these days licking gravy off the stomach of a female public official?

The one where we poke fun at him for talking like a Scorsese extra? "This fucking guy. This fucking guy over here."?

The one where we examine his delusional paranoia?

The one where we report the allegations that he slept with hookers in Vegas?

Nah. Couldn't be any of those, though part of us is especially gleeful that a judge was forced to look over all that stuff. That really tickles our soul.

Just wait until we bust out the next installment in our coverage of Jimmy Dimora, non-libelous fan fiction edition: "Baby, Can I Eat Turducken While You Do That?"