Sex and the Witty

Breezy romantic comedy goes through the motions

Doug McGrath’s amiable time-killer I Don't Know How She Does It – a retro-feeling romantic comedy that could have been made back in the mid-‘60s with Natalie Wood -- leans a bit too heavily on star Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sex and the City persona, but likable performances and a breezy 90-minute run time make this more painless than you'd think.

If Parker seems a tad, er, mature for her role as a frazzled wife/mother/investment banker trying to have it all, the former Carrie Bradshaw’s ace comic timing and intrinsic warmth more than compensate for any unsightly crow’s feet. Greg Kinnear, Pierce Brosnan, Kelsey Grammer, Seth Meyers, and Christina Hendricks round out the cast.

While no one will ever confuse this with a classic of the genre, it definitely beats Katherine Heigl’s recent string of clunkers. --Milan Paurich