Afternoon Brew: Councilman Kelley Running for Prosecutor, a Vintage Browns Grill, Orlando Brown Dies, and Don't Beat Your Kid With a Baseball Bat


Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you get ready to drink vodka with us tonight.

— Councilman Kevin Kelley officially declared his candidacy for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor. From the press release: "Cleveland City Councilman Kevin Kelley today announced his candidacy for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor. Kelley’s plans for the office include expanding the community-based prosecution model, improving efficiencies to save taxpayer dollars, and focusing on quality of life crimes that destroy neighborhoods." More on this next week.

— Former Browns lineman Orlando Brown, most famous for getting hit in the eye with a penalty flag and suing the league, passed away at the age of 40. RIP, Zeus. (

— Cleveland doubles down on mandatory recycling. Not like doubling down on a ten. (The Atlantic Cities)

— Someone in Cleveland has to buy this 1980s charcoal Browns helmet grill. Mandatory. (Etsy)