A Craigslist Missed Connection Over Scene and '3D Sex and Zen'


We like to think Scene serves many purposes: breaking news, music updates, lining your bird cages, political watch-dogging, your source for escort phone numbers, arts coverage, something to read at the bar when you're by yourself so you don't look totally lonely, etc.

But at our heart, we're all about love, which is why this Craigslist Missed Connection caught our eye this morning, especially since it involves our review of a 3D Hong Kong boob extravaganza.

Dave's Cosmic Subs 9/22 - w4m - 20 (Coventry)

We were both waiting for our subs and leafing through Scene and I came across the terrible write-up of 3D Sex and Zen and called my friend about how hilariously funny that movie would be and we should go see it and when I hung up you said you'd like to see it with me if she didn't but you left before I could say yes. You said you'd maybe see me there, but I went on friday night and didn't see you!! I really wanted to though, so hopefully you see this and think of that blondie in jeans at Dave's Subs.

Yes, we've got "matchmaker matchmaker make me a match" running through our head right now.

Here's to hoping this helps nudge the universe into connecting these two hearts, and that should they meet again, they plan their first date using a Scene.