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Readers sound off on stripclubs and taxes

Kill the Deadbeats

Cuyahoga County has laid off workers to save money, while $461 million in delinquent property taxes goes unpaid. ["Ed FitzGerald Targets Delinquent Property Taxes," at the Scene & Heard blog]. This is outrageous!

I know a homeowner who owes more than $8,000 in delinquent property taxes, yet he has made no attempt to pay his bill. There are others like him who simply don't pay their taxes, while county workers lose their jobs and the rest of us struggle to pay our taxes.

It shouldn't take a task force to recover this money. The county needs to make all property owners accountable for paying their taxes, and not just let the burden fall on the few of us who willingly do the right thing.

High Roller

Jesus Hated Sex

This law was brought to Ohio by Phil Burress and his Citizens for Community Values ["Court Upholds Ohio's 'No Touching' Strip Club Law," at the Scene & Heard blog]. Thank the good Lord that Mr. Burress has stepped in to ensure that all Ohioans abide by a G-rated lifestyle — one that encourages women to find their true calling as fully clothed subordinates. All of us will come to realize that God intends — no, he commands — women to be vessels of birth who work in the home and practice subordination unto their husbands.

Hopefully, Mr. Burress can also do away with those pesky "gay marriage" folks, birth control, unmarried couples living together, planned parenthood, dirty movies in hotel rooms, and gambling.

Angelina Spencer

Bend Over, Mr. Johnson

In response to "Telling the Cops You're With Al-Qaeda and Are Going to Blow Up the Police Station Will Get the FBI to Visit Your House," at the Scene & Heard blog: The only reason I could figure anybody would do that would be to get a free body cavity search.

Mike Walker