Franklin Castle Sold


Franklin Castle has been sold.

The historic Cleveland property has enjoyed its fair share of controversy and sensational stories over the years, most notably that ghosts live in the joint. There have also been rumors too tawdry and shifty to print, fires, squabbles with the city, vacancy, pie-in-the-sky dreams and BS-spewing owners, and, finally, a concrete plan for the future.

WTAM reports
that the castle will be turned into three residences, but that the toll of time and fire mean that those three residences will take years to finish and won't even begin until next year.

Ubiquitous cheerleader and councilman Joe Cimperman tells the station that folks in Ohio City are pumped about the developments. Hard not to be after what's transpired there in recent memory.

Former owner Michelle Heimberger sold the property last month. No word on if the ghosts are facing eviction.