Someone Is Cutting the Beards and Hair Off Amish People


We can do no better than the start to the AP story, so here it is:

A sheriff in Ohio says a renegade group has been attacking fellow Amish, cutting off their hair and beards.

Well then.

First, it's important to realize that there's not a ton of information about the renegades or their alleged Delilah acts. The Amish like to keep matters within the community; they rarely seek police to press charges. But this follicle folly is already getting the attention of the sheriff.

According to the AP, the sheriff believes this may be a case of men and women shunned and disavowed by the Amish coming back to take their anger out by whacking the beards of men and hair of women, which, for comparison's sake, is like confiscating an Irish Catholic's flask. In other words, serious.

18 Amish families down in Steubenville have had their share of religious differences that have drawn cops' attention before. The sheriff thinks this might be at the core of the current incidents.