Meeting About East Cleveland's Traffic Cameras and Layoffs Includes 'Rocky' Music and Cardboard Cut-Out of Mayor (Updated)


Fox 8 reports that Tuesday night off-duty East Cleveland officers took to knocking on doors and speaking to residents to stump for the upcoming vote on the city's traffic cameras. The mayor has already said that the cameras are such a cash cow for East Cleveland that if voters decide to get rid of them, he'll have no choice but to get rid of a large percentage of the city's police, fire, and other city employees.

"An informed voter is our police department's best friend. If the residents of East Cleveland know what's at stake, they will certainly vote with their conscious and we believe that they will vote to keep the security that we have in East Cleveland," said Mayor Norton.

"We'll lose 44 percent of the police, 50 percent of the paramedics, 31 of the firefighters and then 44 percent of the service workers," explained Officer Brandon Tisdale, as he spoke to residents.

Then he asked them if they were giving out Milky Ways or Snickers on Halloween. He just wants to know what houses he plans to hit this weekend.


East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton told residents this week that if they vote in November to get rid of the city's traffic cameras, he would have no choice but to lay off police, fire, and other city workers to offset the loss in revenue East Cleveland makes from the cameras.

The city employees some 200 workers. 68 of them, including 50 police and fire, got layoff notices Tuesday.