Nashville's Med Mart Not Opening in 2013

The competition.
  • The competition.

While Cleveland's own stab at a Medical Mart has hit a few PR potholes as of late — not in the least because of a certain weekly's well-received, much cited, and controversy-stirring cover story on the project, please excuse the naval gaze — our main competition in the arms race recently made an announcement that surely will get that project's haters shaking their heads muttering, “told ya so.” Whether that cynicism will bleed over into our own corner of the medical mart world, we shall see.

The Dallas-based developers of the Nashville Medical Mart say the downtown Music City project won't be opening by the date originally thrown around by backers, 2013. This report comes from MedCity News, although the original reporting is in the Nashville Business Journal, but they've fortified that sucker behind a paywall.