Parma Man Doesn't Remember Shooting Himself


Sleeping pills are a helluva drug, especially when you combine them with alcohol. Drug companies are open about this, which is why commercials say stuff like, "Do not take Ambien if you have been drinking, and do not operate heavy machinery. In fact, just remain on your bed if you take one. And don't even handle a spoon. Please. " Etc., etc.

They don't explicitly say to not handle a gun after popping the pill, but it's one of those things that probably doesn't even need to be said.

Disproof of that assumption: Parma, OH. (In Parma, Parma, Parma.)

This brilliant police blotter gem comes from the Sun Post.

A 42-year-old man dialed up his wife the other night. He was at home; she was not. He told her he cut his hand and was heading up to the hospital for stitches. No problem. Nothing too serious.

But his trip to the ER was not without incident — he had a minor accident after driving into a parked car. OK, that's a hiccup, but eventually he ended up at Parma Community where he was treated for his injuries, then he and his wife went home. That, friends, is when hints began to appear that there was more to the story.

At home, they found blood on the floor. And a ladder outside the bathroom window. And a gun case in the bedroom. And then there was the hole in a table in the living room. Um, what? Honey, what happened here?