Sherwin-Williams Logo Now Gone From Penn State Press Conference Banner


The Sherwin-Williams logo used to be on the press conference backdrop for Penn State, right there with the Nittany Lion logo. One of those sponsor/branding opportunities any number of companies enter into with any number of colleges, the Cleveland-based Fortune 500 company could not have foreseen what was coming in State College.

As of this morning, their logo is gone from the banner as the new Penn State head coach speaks to the media. "The Sherwin/Williams logos that had been behind the main podium at Beaver Stadium are now gone," Ben Jones reports from PSU.

You have to believe they got on the horn immediately once the child rape story broke and said something like, "Get our fucking logo out of there. We're done." Wouldn't be surprised if that sponsorship is completely over.

Thoughts and prayers to all the victims, known and unknown. Just sickening.