Goodman's Sandwich Inn Now Corky & Lenny's Express


Goodman’s Sandwich Inn closed this summer after 62 years in the corned beef biz. In an ironic twist of fate, the shop is now being run by Corky & Lenny's.

"We took it over about a month ago," says Kenny Kurland, owner of the legendary East Side deli. "We don't even have our sign yet."

Called Corky & Lenny's Express (5164 Pearl Rd., 216-351-0010), the casual deli serves massive corned beef and pastrami sandwiches, hot dogs, and other comfort foods Monday through Saturday.

Goodman's fans will see immediately that the beef is sliced by machine as opposed to by hand, as the Parma deli was known for.

"No one's gonna sit in the window and hand slice beef anymore," Kurland quips.