Best Grub We Ever Had: Staff Edition

In honor of this week's feature story on Cleveland foodies' all-time favorite flavors, we bring you the recollections of our ever-ravenous staff. In this installment: Vince Grzegorek ...

Anyone who's lived and eaten through Cleveland for two decades has a laundry list of best grub ever, and they fall into a million categories. That, besides easy and cheese programming options to fill airtime and another opportunity for Giada to flash her cleavage, is why Food Network breaks its "Best Thing I Ever Ate" series into different episodes. Chocolate. Meat. Appetizers. Dessert. Fried. Late-night. Etc.

But to narrow it down to just one thing, a single dish that keeps me coming back time and time again, something you can't get anywhere else in Cleveland, something that warms the soul, it would have to be the barbecued spaghetti at The Brew Kettle in Strongsville.