Old Guy Pulls Stun Gun on Mom Over Wendy's Cuisine


A senior citizen, apparently desperate for an Old Fashioned Hamburger and Frosty, pulled his Z-Force stun gun on a mom and her 5-year-old in the drive-through line of a Fairlawn Wendy’s last week.

Holliday stress? Anger management issues? Frankly, we can’t imagine an acceptable excuse for this behavior, but naturally, this perpetrator had one: It was not so bad of a thing to do because he was more than 15 feet away from the mom when he activated the stun gun.

Oh. Sure.

According to Fairlawn-Bath Patch, the 24-year-old woman called police reporting that a 65-year-old drive-through patron was “agitated,” screaming obscenities at her, and approached her vehicle while threatening her with a stun gun. Her kindergartener was in the back seat of the car at the time.