The Boobie Gibson-Keyshia Cole Reality Show Could Really Happen

TV ready.
  • TV ready.

If you scoped out the Plain Dealer’s story on Daniel Gibson’s off-season, you probably came out with the interesting takeaway that the Cavs guard has been boxing in the offseason back home in Houston in order to impro . . . No, let’s be honest, you just remember that Boobie and his wife Keyshia Cole are trying to land on network TV with a reality show. We know you.

Our initial response? Say it ain’t so, Boobie. History says hoopsters and reality TV don’t go down well. Don’t you remember what happened to Eric Snow after he popped the lid on his marital situation for the viewing public? Man, Shaq couldn’t even put his happy family under the bright lights without some wear and tear.

In all fairness, Gibson actually comes off pretty sweet about the whole thing, saying his marriage to the R&B songstress is strong enough to stand up against a million eyeballs. And we hope it does. The couple have filmed 6 episodes of the show, which is called “Family First.” The article says the network has yet to be determined, but episodes are going to start airing in February.