Local Band in Focus


Meet the Band: Dru Streicher (music) and Matt Bowen (visuals)

Game On: Using computer programs like FamiTracker and Little Sound DJ, Streicher (pictured left) creates music from the sound chips found in original Nintendo Entertainment Systems and Game Boys. Given their love for retro gaming and electronic music, it's a perfect fit.

Keep It Minimal: The limitations of chip-tunes can be frustrating, but Streicher finds the process rewarding. "You only can play four sounds at one time, and the sound synthesis is pretty primitive, so it makes for a challenge," he says. "But it gives a unique sound and feel to the music. We like the idea of using technology that has been rendered obsolete to make something new."

Creative Packaging: Node released their first album, d3ad_form4t, this year. Like most releases, it's available on CD or as a download. But you can also buy it as a homemade game cartridge that plays on old NES consoles.

Sharing Is Caring: The guys want fans to share, remix, and mash things up. "We encourage people to download our music and make something more with it," says Streicher.

Why You Should Hear Them: If Donkey Kong was an electronic-music auteur, this is the music he'd be making when he wasn't chasing bananas.

Where You Can Hear Them: nodetransmission.com. — Eddie Fleisher