Make-a-Wish Helps Sick Boy Blow Up Building


Out in Erie County the massive ConAgra grain silo came tumbling down in an intentional explosion, part of a four-year project by Huron to clear the massive complex — built in 1947, vacant since 2001 — to make way for river-front development.

Nothing too remarkable there, right? Boom goes the dynamite, or so the saying goes.

Except that the button on the demolition was pushed by a 7-year-old boy named Maxwell Hinton from California after Make-a-Wish helped the sick kid attain his dream, which wasn't to meet a celebrity or ride or horse or something silly like that. No, his wish was simply to blow a building the fuck up. A man after our own hearts. Good for you, Max.

"I watch MythBusters and they inspired me to blow a building up," said the young boy from Fresno, Calif.

What was once a granary is no more thanks to Max. On Sunday the boy imploded the old ConAgra grain mill with help from the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

"I got cancer, Neuroblastoma, and I went through treatment and they made a wish for me," Maxwell said.

One big wish, boy blows up building: