They're Shooting Another Movie in Cleveland


They're shooting another movie in Cleveland.

But this one doesn't have anything to do with badass superheroes. Or some hot young girl on Nickelodeon. Or some dude who was on Lost punching a party-bus driver after a drunken night at a strip club.

In fact, we're not really sure what Hall of Fame is about.

All we know is that the movie starts shooting next month.

According to WKYC, word leaked of the upcoming movie after a casting call went out.

Apparently they're looking for a bunch of stock characters for a movie that may or may not be about rock music.

Among those characters needing filled, hopefully by Clevelanders:

KEN MARY.... Fair Haired Drummer.. Big Hair style.. Thin medium height.

GROUPIES/FANS.. Teenage girls thin wearing bright clothes scarves leather jackets frilly skirts lots of makeup between 15 and 22. (15)

PRIEST FATHER TIM.. Middle aged soft kind features slightly overweight.

MARK STODDARD... Overweight rock fan Jack Black Look.

Big hair? Check. Skanky girls? Check. Fat-ass music fans? Check.

This movie sounds so perfect for Cleveland. No wonder they're shooting it here. —Michael Gallucci