Cleveland Still Making Stuff, Says Manufacturers’ News

Possibly still some manufacturing going on
  • Possibly still some manufacturing going on

Manufacturers’ News, Inc., which publishes industrial directories, has some mixed news about Cleveland. On its just-released its annual list of the 50 U.S. cities with the most industrial jobs, the city of Cleveland, the country’s 45th largest city, has the 12th greatest number of such jobs. Currently, that’s 61,068, a loss of 1,046 from last year when it ranked 13th. (Only 17 of the 50 cities posted gains).

But Cleveland is bested by its counterpart at the other end of the state, Cincinnati. Despite being only the country’s 62nd most populous city, it ranked an impressive number six on the list, with 78,975 manufacturing jobs, down about 2,389 from last year. Columbus ranks 23rd, since it primarily “manufactures” political bickering and Buckeyes fans, neither of which is counted in this study. — Anastasia Pantsios