MGK Song Tapped As Soundtrack to Fake Wrestling Match


It's been a busy week for Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

He kicked it off last weekend by spending a few hours in jail after "brawling" in Florida.

And now his new single "Invincible" has been tapped as WWE star John Cena's theme song for Wrestlemania XXVIII.

Cena will enter the big fight — which takes place in Miami on April 1, so mark your calendars now — as MGK's song about, um, being invincible blasts behind him.

You can watch Cena's promo here.

Not so surprisingly, MGK identifies with Cena's underdog status and throws his support Cena's way. Which could come in handy in case Cena ever decides to stage a flash mob at a shitty suburban mall. —Michael Gallucci