Dimora Not Ohio’s Only Party-Boy Commissioner

Im all about sex, drugs & rock n roll.
  • "I'm all about sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll."

Cuyahoga may have its ongoing political corruption trials. But politics is just as much fun at the other end of the state. Last spring, Cincinnati state representative Bob Mecklenborg was arrested for a little escape that found him driving erratically near an Indiana casino town with alcohol on his breath, Viagra in his bloodstream, and a woman half his age and not his wife in the car. All this on Good Friday from a self-professed devout Catholic.

Now commissioner Archie Wilson from suburban Cincinnati’s Clermont County is following Mecklenborg into infamy. After resigning his post last week for health reasons, it turns out hookers and illicit drugs were also involved.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports,

Archie Wilson, who abruptly resigned as a Clermont County commissioner last week, has been charged with soliciting prostitution and trafficking a controlled substance, both misdemeanors, the Kenton County Attorney’s office announced Wednesday. A female inmate at the Clermont County jail came forward last summer after finding out that Wilson was a commissioner, stating that she and several other women had “sexual encounters" with him in exchange for money and/or narcotics — cocaine and pills.

Down in Clermont, commissioners must lack the clout to cadge trips to Las Vegas to get their kicks, so they have to find them at the county jail.

The Inquirer also adds,

In 2010, Wilson ran his campaign for commissioner on a theme of government accountability.

Naturally. — Anastasia Pantsios